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Jared's Core Values

Honesty. Integrity. Empathy. Jared believes in displaying these fundamental qualities in his dealings with everyone he comes across. Real estate transactions are historically known for being stressful at times, but his focus is on making the process as smooth and painless as possible and leaving his clients completely satisfied. 

A Message To Prospective Buyers & Sellers

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important transactions people ever make, and so it goes without saying, it should never be taken lightly. 

If you've decided to work with a real estate agent, make sure to weigh your options carefully. Get to know various candidates and get a clear understanding of who they are and what their strategies are. 

Jared understands the weight of this decision and is happy to meet as many times as it takes to discuss your options, answer your questions, and offer assistance wherever possible.

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Why Work With Jared

There are a lot of real estate agents out there, and you need to weigh your options carefully since your home sale or purchase might be one of the biggest transactions you'll ever make. 


Jared believes outstanding communication is fundamental to any healthy relationship. Jared's clients are a top priority, and calls and emails are always returned right away. Jared believes there's no excuse for poor communication and is always striving to improve it even more. 

Diverse Experience

With a background in marketing and mortgages, Jared offers unique skills and experience that benefits his clients greatly. 

Willingness To Embrace New Strategies

In industries that have been doing things the same way for a long time, there can be a resistance to change. Jared's familiarity with cutting-edge marketing strategies and willingness to utilize the best methods, whatever they are, gives his clients a leg up on the competition. 



Personal Life

Jared grew up in Peterborough and loves the city. His friends can vouch for that since he talks their ears off about how great of a place it is all the time! 

He left the city for Toronto in 2011, went to college, and began a career in marketing. While pursuing that career, Jared also got his license as a Mortgage Agent and spent two years helping clients finance their homes. It was this experience that lead him to eventually pursue real estate. 

Jared moved back to Peterborough from Toronto in 2017 with his wife. They bought a house in the Avenues and love the area.

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